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You have most likely noticed by the now that Wet Walls have had a huge increase in popularity not just in Glasgow but across the UK. Over the years they have gradually become more affordable and accessable for more people which has played a major part in the “Wet Wall Boom” we have all witnessed lately. However, people are not just buying wet walls because they are often cheaper, the practical side of them is incredible! A full bathroom can have wet walls installed in one day that will provide water protection for your bathroom for years to come. Wet walls are also much easier to clean and maintain than standard bathroom tiling, the waterproof material used is built to last and a simple wipe down is normally enough to clean it.

Bathroom Tilers Glasgow

In our team, we have two expert qualified tilers who have been installing all kinds of bathroom tiles for many years now. Ceramic and porcelain are the two most popular types of bathroom tiles, if you asked our opinion then we would normally recommend porcelain as it offers more density and greater water resistance. This is all on a case by case basis, and of course, there are many other types of bathroom tiles such as mosaic, marble, and limestone to consider as well as more modern options such as glass and stone tiles. Regardless of the type of material you chose for your bathroom, New Bathrooms Glasgow’s can install it to the highest quality.

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We will work anywhere in Scotland if its the right kind of job everyone involved. However, the majority of our bathrooms are installed within a 20 miles radius of Glasgow. This includes west of Glasgow in areas such as Paisley & Clydebank. North Glasgow in the likes of Kirkintilloch & Bearsden, East Glasgow towards Coatbridge, Airdrie & Wishaw and the Glasgow southside including from Clarkston down to Eaglesham.

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